Sunday, March 25, 2007

Humiliation is success

During the past few days I was very busy setting traps to catch a professional who possesses a fine knowledge in electronic engineering, which who could assist me on my research. Waiting for days and weeks finally one such person got caught to my trap, I got to know about this chap when I met an official from the inventors commission, when i spoke to him over the phone, he seemed to be helpful and the most unbelievable part of the story was that he is the head of the electronics department of the UOM. I made an appointment to meet him, and I hope, it all works out well.

I wander why people are awarded noble prizes and other such similar awards? Is it because these people have rendered great services to mankind?

Marie Curie and other such scientist were successful enough in receiving noble prizes for their work, which was successfully presented to the society, at the same time there are other scientist and researchers who are working on even larger theories and inventions which would have a huge favourable impact on all human beings, but they may be unlucky in presenting the final end product due to various reasons, these so called unsuccessful people have the intention of delivering some thing new to the people but they are not recognized in there own respected society. One such person is Democretes a THINKER,( in the early years before scientific method was found , THINKERS were philosophers who taught their followers what they taught was correct ) who presented his theory, that matter is discontinuous and was blamed and fooled by the society proving that his theory was a failure. After his death one of his pupils Lauraceous had a public debate with Aristotle, and was successful enough to prove the discontinuous nature of matter.

But why aren’t people who were unsuccessful in presenting their theories and inventions are not been awarded at least with a token of appreciation? They too have the same intention of delivering some thing new and some thing useful to mankind, instead they are all humiliated.
Even today this humiliation is common in our society. What I suggest that people who were unsuccessful in presenting their end product should be given at least a token of appreciation via encouragement to improve there skills and knowledge, so they would come back on another day presenting a 100% successful end product.

I am presently undergoing this humiliation from the society, when ever I say that “I am carrying out a research on diabetes” people use to look at me in a very amusing manner. Some even say “oh…. Diabetes..but can you do it..” and some with a sarcastic smile “diabetes uh..good luck..” even the qualified people don’t offer me any help. It doesn’t matter, how old I am to carry research on diabetes, the older knowledgeable people have carried out experiments and clinical trials during the past two decades to find a permanent cure for diabetes via spending a large amount of public funds, but were they successful? Now it’s time that a youngster starts his developments. Even if my research is unsuccessful, I want to say to all those people who humiliated me that some day you’ll be using one of my inventions , praising me and standing on a long cue waiting to wish me on my invention.

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sam said...

yo bro like your articles and way you think is superve hope to see something deffa invention keep the good work up