Sunday, April 29, 2007

Will this be the turning point of my life?

Will this be the turning point of my life?

Last Friday, one of my old buddies called me, stating that he wanted to discus a business proposition with me. (Even though I call him buddy, he is much more older to me). We had a general conversation over the phone, and he wanted me to meet him that evening. This old buddy of mine is a business analyst (or whatever you may want to call it). The company he's representing is considered to be one of the leading business enterprises in the country. The idea behind the meeting was to retrieve important data from a system which could also be referred to as a "database" although it's not an ordinary database which anyone could create. He expects a lot from it and wanted to retrieve almost all the information possible, using a simple program, which he could easily operate. We had a long conversation and I finally came up with a solution which satisfied his requirements.

That night, before going to bed I was walking in circles, in my room wondering if I could run my own software company. Managing a company is always a difficult task, since I belong to a business family, I don't think this would be a problem, because I have learned the mistakes which my parents made, when managing our own family business. Also, I have to prepare myself to accept failures since failures are the pillars of a companies success.

Presently, I am working on a design in developing an "artificial pancreas" that would help diabetes patients to overcome their disease. Until now, no organization has come forward to assist me in the development of this idea which I think can be beneficial to society. So far, I have got 6 projects running in my head and the question which always rises in my mind is, "How am I going to work on these projects, when no one is coming forward with any help?". Well, the company which I will start would probably help me. God Willing!

During this week, I had several rounds of discussions with our Institutes Head of the Department (HOD), in getting advics to form the company. Several senior students and a company offered help in uplifting the business. Despite my semester exams next week, I will have to prepare a business proposal and several other documents for a meeting with a top official in the trade.

I would like to shout out at Bill Gates and Jonathan Schwartz, "hey Bill and Jonathan watch out, I will ruin your business, shortly!".

Sunday, April 15, 2007

“The patent system has added the fuel of interest to fire of genius”

We all know that the people living in today’s world are selfish and hardhearted, people do tend to steal others creations and ideas when it comes to inventions. This is where inventors go for a patent when they come up with a new idea.

When it comes to inventions, obtaining a patent is most important. A patent is a grant by the government, of a monopoly to make, sell and use an invention over a period. The grant of patents for inventions is governed by the code of Intellectual Act, No. 52 of 1979 (PART III) and the regulations published in Gazette Extra ordinary No. 60/20 of 31.10.1979.

The grant of a patent does not guarantee that the patent will be of a commercial value to its owner, its value would depend on whether the invention is useful or has sufficient advantages over other processors. When the patent relates to a particular process no one else could possibly sell, use the product, without the consent of the owner of the patent.

An invention can be patentable if the idea is new and involves an innovative step which will be applicable for the use in the respected industry. An invention must be new having never been disclosed to the public. In addition of being a new concept, a patentable invention must involve an inventory step, which means that the invention would not have been obvious to a person having ordinary skills in the art.

Any person may make an application to a patent, but a patent may only be granted to the inventor himself, but a patent could be obtained, if the applicant is the legal representative of the inventor, if applicant is assigned of the inventor, if applicant is the owner of the invention which was made while the inventor was in the employment of the applicant or by the inventor in the performance of a contract for a execution of work.

An application for a grant of a patent should be made in a prescribed form indicating the title of the invention, the technical field, the background art, a description of the invention, a statement of the advantages effects, a brief description of the figures drawn, describing examples of the invention, a description in which the invention if industrially applicable and the claims in detail in order to obtain an patent.

There are certain inventions which are expressly excluded from patentability by the code. These include new animals, plant varieties, methods for the treatment of the human or animal body by surgery or therapy, discoveries of scientific theories and mathematical methods. Despite these inventions you could obtain a patent for a specific problem in the field of technology.

As Abraham Lincoln has stated “the patent system has added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius”.