Monday, May 28, 2007

What is the most frustrating thing about computers?

Well, when I was working at an IT company few months back, I used to here people always grumble about one common problem, and at occasions I here “Bangs and Slams” on tables. People are so frustrated and this is because that there mouse doesn’t work.

I have seen some people come early to work, in order to steal there neighbours mouse (replace it without there notice) or at ocaations scream at the Store Manager saying "get me a better mouse".

Mostly, we have noticed that a lot of hardware products have been manufactured in order to suit the right hander people but today we have notice a large number of people who are left handers.

Its clear that most of the technological innovations are done towards the development of the microchip; no company has devoted any time to to modify an existing product“the mouse”. My opinion is that, we researchers should pay more attention on the development of the mouse.

I have come up with an excellent idea that would be a modification of the present mouse. I will call this new technological innovation a “keymo”.

The “keymo” could be used by both left and right hander people without any difficulty, users will not need to bang the “keymo” on there desk anymore because it uses a different technology.

I am looking forward to carry out a marketing survey to see how important will the “keymo” be to the people . The marketing survey will be available on this blog soon and all the readers are welcomed to take part in this survey.

Note: I have noticed that most people are wandering about the final result of the “artificial pancreas” project (a*p139). Well, I have finished writing it and it has been send to check for mistakes and I would seek assistance from any company, organisation or individual in order to develop this system. Please feel free to contact me.

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